Picture Shrinker, a crude application that will shink a load of jpegs

Download the complete project zip file

Download the executable installer zip file

screen shot of demo app

To use this app, just drag and drop a folder, a file, or collection of files, from a windows explorer into the main file box. A text list of files will then appear. If your list is large, be patient, it could take a few seconds (To-do: make the loading a worker thread so the UI remains responsive during the file name collection).

To delete a file from the process list, just highlight the file(s) in the list, then press the delete key. This will not delete the file on the file system, it will just remove them from the list.

Enter a percentage between 1 and 99, which will be multiplied by the images’ width and height to get the new image size. That is, if your original image is 2048×1024, and you enter 50, the new image will be 1024 x 512. The jpeg quality (compression) ratio is set at 90, which typically produces high quality images with decent compression.


The images will erased and replaced with the smaller images. Contrary to CSI TV shows, you cannot make a blurry image sharp again. So be sure to only drag into the work area folders which are copies of the originals.

When you are sure your images are backed up, click the green Shrink button. A few minutes later, your images will be smaller.



The source code contains examples of image and bitmap classes, jpeg compression or quality settings, drag and drop, as well as a threading example. The loop that shrinks the images is in a secondary thread.

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